For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: How long will my job take? .

A: Every situation is different,  however  I have been organizing  long enough that we can give you a rough estimate. I offer an absolutely free, no obligation consultation, I will come to your home or office  and listen to what you would like to accomplish. Then I can determine  what needs to be done about how long it will take.

Q: Should I clean up before you come over?

A: No please don’t. I like to see your day to day environment, Such as  where things are getting placed and what the flow is. Once I see what is occurring I will formulate and execute the plans that will lead to organization.

Q:. I am so embarrassed about my mess!

A: Well this really isn’t a question but its something I hear ALL the time. Please you do not need to feel any embarrassment. First of all whatever I am seeing, I have generally seen 10 times worse! And remember I used to have the same issues. When I see clutter and disorder I get so excited because I know I will have the opportunity and the skills to change the situation and that once we are through you wont ever have to feel embarrassed again. And certainly there is no judgment -only possibilities that we can change things.

Q: Will anyone know you are working here.

A; Thats up to you. I never disclose who I am working with. However most of my clients are so excited that they tell their friends and coworkers and want to share the transformations. I have never done any advertising, its all word of mouth! So if you are so inclined  please share what we are doing on Facebook, Instagram etc. But I will never tell a soul unless you do and they mention it to me. And even then, no details will be disclosed.

Q; What about confidential information you may come across while working with papers/filing etc.

A; I see confidential information all day long. It is something I take seriously and something you can be sure when you hire me, anything I see will never be shared with anyone. And really I am just focusing on the organization,  so anything I do see as far as details generally I could never recall at a later date anyway!

Q: Speaking of confidential information, how do you handle papers that need to be shredded and old electronics that may have sensitive information on them?

A: At your request I will bring all papers and electronics to a facility that shreds and disposes of electronics  so that your information will not be compromised.  The facility  I use is in Torrance and their clients include many local  hospitals in the area. I have been using them for years.  The facility is set up that if you actually want to watch your documents/harddrives etc. destroyed you or I  can watch it done.

Q; Supplies, do you purchase them or do i?

A: Generally when I am doing a job that requires bins/containers etc. I will procure the supplies and equipment because I know what we need, however I  am happy to let client get supplies if they wish. I charge .05% of supplies purchased. This is a nominal fee and generally doesn’t cover the cost of my shopping or driving time. Many times clients have containers or bins around and if you like I will always try to use what you have, unless we are trying to make things uniform etc. As far as where I get my supplies, I generally shop at the Container Store, and Bed, bath and Beyond. Because I am a frequent shopper at the container store I usually have a 15% discount and always try to use coupons at B, B & B.